Use of Reiki to release the energy of trauma and abuse

Well, you see that I have taken you down the rabbit hole to Reiki.  What, you might ask, is the relationship between Reiki and the trauma of an abusive relationship.


If you could actually “see” the negative energy that comes at you when someone is yelling at you, demeaning you or verbally attacking you, you would be shocked. Red and black angry energy is flung at you and over time, it penetrates into your own field of energy like arrows.  If you remain in that relationship, the arrows penetrate into your heart or any part of your body that is being demeaned or humiliated.

If you try to fight back, you may get an even harsher attack, the equivalent of an energy bomb.  Over time, if you haven’t protected yourself, you turn the color that your attacker or abuser has projected onto you. You internalize it and paint yourself with the same color that your abuser has forced on you. You believe that you are that ugly, dumb, lazy, or incompetent, and the energy of his or her projections remain in and around you, unless identified and removed.

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Both physical and emotional abuse create energetic disturbances in your field. Here are some tactics that abusers use and how your field of energy may be affected:

Undermining:  your energy may be literally ripped away, leaving you weak in the knees, less able to support yourself, the a rip tide that sweeps the sands of the shore with it.

Back stabbing:  Betrayal when unexpected can literally feel like a knife in your back, behind the heart.  Often a knob of muscle spasms there in response to the attack, causing pain which can be sharp and enduring.

Over-powering:  Like a tsunami, the abuser overwhelms with a wave of energy that overtakes and washes over the victim, leaving him or her crushed and devastated.

Insinuation:  Sneaky and indirect, the foundation is chipped away by negative implications.

Triangulation:  The abuser may bring in a third party/ies to reinforce the dark negative perceptions onto the victim.  One more way to undermine and imply how bad the person is:  painting with a dark paintbrush, darkening the color palate of the victim.

Grandstanding:  A power tactic meant to intimidate through loudness, control through bombast.  The field of energy in the abuser is expanded and flung at the victim, leaving stains and barbs.

Minimizing:  It is as though the abuser has an eraser on this one.  He/she denies the significance of the victims feelings, leaving the victim feeling powerless and misunderstood.  If not protected against, the field gets smaller and more shrunken, as the abuser’s energy enlarges, like a blast of hot air.

Gas lighting:  This is a trick!  Through manipulation the abuser tries to convince the victim that a falsity is the truth.  If allowed, it is like a dark cloth is put over the head of the victim to prevent sight.  Confusion reigns then, since they are in the dark.

Lies:  This is a direct manipulation of reality to the end of giving the abuser control, hiding from the sight of the victim.  Energetically, this scrambles the energy in the head:  confusion reigns.

Cheating:  Even if there is not a direct knowledge of cheating, the energy is withdrawn from the victim and redirected elsewhere.  On some level, there is an awareness in the victim of what is going on, generating a range of emotions.  Emotions are an energy in and around the brain and body. A storm of confusing and contradictory energies swirl like a dark storm.

Pulling the rug out from under:  Similar to undermining, the energy here is diminished at the base, leaving the victim ungrounded, a pushover, easy to trip and fall.

Projecting blame:  So here, the abuser takes his or her own behavior, thoughts or feelings and flings it onto the victim.  If not protected, it sticks like glue or gummy spaghetti.  The victim may know it isn’t right, but it doesn’t matter.  Over time, he or she may even claim it is their own.

Bulldozing:  The massive amount of energy forcefully projected onto the victim can leave the victim “floored.”  It may feel like they “Don’t know what hit them.”

Claiming victimization while victimizing:  Energetically this draws energy from the real victim and the abuser sucks it up.  Everything is designed to enhance the power/energy of the abuser and weaken and draw from the victim.  There is a reversal going on here that is like a twisting action, leaving the victim in knots.

Enslaving:  This may literally feel like the victim is being choked, with an energetic rope around the neck.  Nothing is ever good enough, and the demands may escalate.  A heavy burden is placed on their shoulders, so there may be a feeling of being heavy, weighed down.

Shaming:  A wave of heavy, dark energy is flung over the back and head of the victim.  The head is lowered in shame, the heart heavy, and the self attack is very painful.


Channelling healing Reiki energy can remove the energy of abuse, feelings of shame, helplessness, blockage. By clearing, cleansing and balancing the energy field, the person previously called victim, becomes survivor, then one who thrives – having found their own true self again.  Empowerment and freedom is the result.






A. Introduction: Power Politics or True Empowerment


Power Politics or True Empowerment

by Cynthia M Chase

     With awareness, we have choice. Knowing the “truth” can set us free. This blog is based on personal and 30 plus years of clinical experience. It is my hope that by sharing the intricacies and inner workings of abusive relationships, both abuser and the victims of their abuse can be set free from their suffering and pain.

     The depth of pain felt by those dis-empowered is extraordinary.  Sometimes people say, “It’s only emotional pain, not physical.”  No scars or black and blue marks are left, but the psychological wounding is profound.  Just because the effects are not physically evident doesn’t mean that it hurts any less.  The hidden twistings and turnings that make up an emotionally abusive relationship can be hard to describe.  The Police won’t arrest the abuser since their ways are hidden behind closed doors and sometimes even the victim doesn’t understand what is happening.

     Accommodations are made, subtle adjustments are put in place to placate the abuser and to try to keep safe.  Over time the victim doesn’t often notice the ground lost or the confidence diminished.  Denial is the constant companion of the victim.  I was there, I know.  It is because of my own pain, years of denial and devastated self-esteem that I had to fight to empower my own life.  “What is wrong with me?” “What is wrong with him/her that makes me hurt so?”  These are the questions that plagued me.  This is my contribution to those of you who are suffering victims.  If you know what makes you vulnerable to these manipulations and if you begin to track the motivations, techniques and behaviors of the Abuser, you have a chance to change your life.

     The Abusers are in pain as well but are more difficult to help:  often they fight awareness of what they do, how much pain they cause, and sometimes don’t even care.  Certain Abusers act as though their feelings are the only ones that matter.  I offer compassion to you – you may not even know the loss of humanity that has robbed you of a heart.  Look carefully at yourself.  Understand that this loss deprives you of true empowerment.  The power that you seek over your Victim is a hollow victory.  Where is the happiness and contentment that you deserve?  You can never find it by using, manipulating or overpowering the other.

     As a psychotherapist of over 30 years I have seen hundreds of people caught in the web of an emotionally abusive relationship.  I have shared many of the ideas with my patients which I will now present to you.  They have been helped and have urged me to spread the word so that others may also seek their own salvation.  I honor them as I share my insights with you now.

I will be introducing ongoing chapters on this blog, Power Politics or True Empowerment on a regular basis.  I welcome your feedback and the sharing of your experience.

     Abusive relationships are based on the belief that external power over another leads to “winning.” What I have seen is that, on the contrary, abuser and victim become “locked in a death embrace” and both lose, unless detachment is achieved. Detachment facilitates the ability to “come home” to the self, to grow, and move towards self love.

     I have separated the abusers into two categories: The stealth hunters and the raptors. Based on nature’s model the first group hunts in the dark, keeping somewhat hidden in their search for prey and tending to camouflage their aggression. My focus here will be on stealth hunters. The second group, the raptors, is the equivalent of birds of prey: they attack, maim, and kill their prey. This may be the focus of a later blog.  Just know that in reality, there may be a fuzzy line between the stealth hunters and the raptors.

     First I want to talk to you about the abuse cycle. Then I will identify the characteristics of the stealth hunters and the victims or prey. We will approach this dysfunctional relationship in terms of how the abuser and victim connect with their energies so you can see why it is so difficult to “untangle the web”.  Then we will take a look at what a healthy relationship looks like and what kind of healing is needed to be free and empowered.

     We will delve into the Bill of Rights for both the Abuser and the Victim and end with thoughts on how to heal both the hunters and the prey.

     The journey is one from darkness and despair to freedom and light.  It’s not an easy journey but one worth traveling. There is hope!  Let’s begin.