Conversation with my Self: “There are no victims, only willing participants.”

Self:  No, this cannot be.  How dare you say that? You are blaming me, the victim!  It’s not my fault!

Emerging Angel Frame Border Background.

Higher Self:  You agree to be disrespected?  You feel you deserve the treatment you are getting?

Self:  I don’t like how I am treated but I have no choice.  I have hope it will change.

Higher Self:  You allow yourself to be subjugated.  You shackle yourself by your choices.  What is your truth now?

Self:  I have to make the best of it and keep trying.

Higher Self:  You are free to choose.  Why do you resist what you know deep inside is true?

Self:  What do I resist?

Higher Self:  Do you feel pain or tightness anywhere in your body?

Self:  Yes, in my stomach.

Higher Self:  Imagine being in your stomach and look around.  What do you see?

Self:  I see a clenched fist.  It is so tight the knuckles are white.

Higher Self:  So, anger clenches in your stomach?

Self:  Yes, I am angry.  It’s not fair.

Higher Self:  Yet, you make the choice to accept ill-treatment, attacks, manipulations, accusations.  You go along with all of this.

Self:  I am afraid.

Higher Self:  What are you afraid of?

Self:  I am afraid of being alone.  I am afraid of the unknown.  I am afraid of loosing hope.  I am afraid of being unloved.  I am afraid of loosing him/her even though it is wrong.  I am afraid I put in all of this effort, pain and suffering for nothing.  I am afraid others will see that I have failed.

Higher Self:  Yes, you know all of these things.  You are wise inside.What would you create if you remembered you create your own life?

Self:  Love, of course.  And respect.

Higher Self:  My dear Self, you are free to make this new choice in each moment.  When you are available for Love, for Respect you no longer feed the illusion that you are unworthy. I love and honor you.