The Armored Man


“The armored man is afraid of his heart, he is afraid of the empowered feminine, he is afraid of surrendering his egoic shield to something deeper, truer, more heartfelt.  What he doesn’t realize is that we are inextricably linked, so linked that when he denigrates the feminine, he imprisons and denigrates his own consciousness.  There can be no victories at the expense of the Divine Mother.  None at all.  It is time for a new paradigm, one that honors the wisdom of the feminine, one that soulebrates her courageous willingness to remain receptive, relational and compassionate in the heart of this still mad world.  Armored men – bow before her.  Sing her praises, dance in her wisdom and her love.  She is the path home.”  Written by Jeff Brown in Love it Forward in 1962 – more relevant now than ever!



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