Write yourself into your own life

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Imagine a world in which you really belong, a world where love and acceptance is your every day life.  Visualize beauty that surrounds you, and that is inside of you.  See yourself walking tall and graceful, at home within.  Breathe in the peace that you are.

If you remember that you are the playwright and the lead you will be victim no more. Write yourself into your own life. Imagine.


Turning Holiday Blues into Joy and Acceptance

Do you have objects that you bring out only at Christmas?  Do they hold bittersweet memories for you?  Are there people that you cherished Christmas with in the past that are now out of your life?

Christmas Past.JPGHere are some strategies for thriving (not just surviving):

  1. Take care of yourself!  Keep you as your number one priority.  Keep up (or add in) your exercise or stretching routine.
  2. Eat well – even better than usual!  Yes, give yourself permission to make an exception too.  Eating live, colorful and healthy food as a routine matter will allow for the deviation.
  3. Even if it’s five minutes, sit, stop the world and get off.  Take a brief time to remember who you are!  You are more than a list of things to do, presents to buy or food to prepare.  You are more than an exhausting party.  Breathe.
  4. Protect your sleeping routine carefully.  Even though you can allow an occasional late night, be sure to get those (usually 8) hours of uninterrupted sleep.  A dark and quiet room is important.  Try to cut out electronics at least an hour before bed.  The “blue light phenomenon” reduces quality of sleep.  Another thought: try to have an earlier dinner so your stomach is not digesting while you try to sleep.
  5. Ask for help.  Don’t try to do everything yourself.  Guests like to contribute when they come.
  6. Be realistic about who you can be around with and for how long. Set limits and boundaries.  You have a responsibility to create a festive time that feels right to you.
  7. Give yourself permission to say No!  That way, when you say yes, you mean it.
  8. If there is someone in your life who has passed on or, for whatever reason is not here this year, honor that person and the good you have had.  Light a candle, honor and release.
  9. If there is someone in your life who needs to be released, create a game plan.  You are the author of your life.  Write yourself in!
  10. Most important:  be here now.  The past is gone and the future is not here yet.  Enjoy the richness of the moment.  Savor with gratitude that which you do have now.
  11. Blessed be.