How to release Energy Vampires


First, we need to identify who is draining us.  It isn’t always easy since energy suckers don’t always have fangs.  You may “like” being around someone because you are basking in their charismatic “glory”, but note carefully how you feel after spending time with that person.  Narcissists love to use others to supply them with energy to fuel their “show.”  Drama surrounds them.  Your own denial allows them to work on you, use your energy as their own, leaving you collapsed in a heap.

Look around at the people in your life. When you are with someone do you feel energized and inspired by their presence?  Or do you feel drained, exhausted, or off balance?

Energy suckers take advantage of well-intentioned people who bring in positive energy, using your energy as theirs without re-charging you.  A healthy relationship circles energy both ways, giving and taking in a loving circle.

If you understand that the energy exchange is not balanced in a relationship, here is a strategy to consider:  In your mind’s eye, create a filter that will keep out the negative energies, including energy snakes that would sneak in, inject venom, and suck out your life force.  The filter acts as a prevention, but at the same time lets in the loving, caring energies that actually feed your spirit.  Physically, it may not look that different from the outside, but the internal energy shift will be palpable and highly effective.

Consciously draw to you people who are vibrating at a higher level, those who shine bright in caring and support.  Send out your own light to those with whom you resonate in a positive way.

When the energy vampire realizes what you are doing they may “up the ante” and be creative in mind-tripping, guilt-inducement or bullying.  As you get stronger, you will not be available to these tactics, and you will see through then.  This disempowers these low-vibrational tactics and eventually this will cause a disengagement.  Hold onto your own energy.  Don’t give it away.  Honor the gift of your authenticity and loving ways.  Share those gifts wisely.  Learn to receive!

Let us know how you are doing?  What has it been like for you?  Share your stories so we can all learn from you!

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