Chapter 8; Sparkles and Smurfs by Carla

I just had a lovely Reiki experience with Cynthia and friends. She was hosting a Reiki Share and the room was filled with 3 Reiki practitioners and one in training. I was to be the receiver of their practice, and I was nervous.


Before I climbed on the table for the Reiki session, I noticed the heart hanging on the bathroom door in the room. As I laid face down I was thinking about love. There was a lot of love in the room with these 4 peaceful women.


Once I was settled, Cynthia directed the ladies to different points on my back and feet they were to touch. One by one, I felt them lay their hands on me and I immediately began to feel sensations. When the first set of hands were placed on my lower back I started to feel intense heat where she touched. She kept one hand still and slowly rubbed the other hand up my spine. The heat was replaced by deeply rooted emotions welling up within me. By the time the second set of hands were placed close to the first set, I was softly and quietly crying into the mat. I cried, “Is this what it feels like to have a mother’s love?”


I was welling up with a strong feeling of peace and love. I never experienced female energy like this. I never grew up with hugs and kisses from a mom. My need for Mother must have been buried, because the feelings came from a very deep and locked up area within me.


Once everyone was settled, Cynthia sat at my head and placed her hands on either side of it, slowly beginning the session. She asked me if I saw anything. For awhile I was still dealing with the welled up emotion, then I saw the heart. It was dark purple and similar to the heart on the Reiki door.


Everything around the heart was dark and matted, like a chalkboard in a dark room with no lights. It felt heavy and muddy. It felt like I was sitting in front of this dark door in mud. I felt weighted down and stuck. All I could focus on was the darkness around me and the purple heart hanging on the door.


Suddenly, I could see sparkles. Bright yellow, white and gold sparkles. They seemed to be peaking around the door. I wanted to push the door open, but I couldn’t. I felt stuck in the mud. The feeling made me sad. I wanted to move, to go where I wanted and the idea of not being able to was unbearable.


Cynthia kept asking me questions about what I saw. That helped me focus on the sparkles and what could possibly be behind the door. Finally, I felt myself moving. I was willing myself to move towards the door. I felt the darkness trying to hold me down, but I kept willing myself towards the door. Finally I could feel the door in my hands. I could see my hands on the door and I wrapped my fingers around the door and pulled myself around from the darkness into the light. It was a beautiful feeling and a beautiful sight.


The gold, yellow and white sparkles grew in size and intensity. I felt a welling up inside of me, as though the sparkles were filling me up with their energy. I heard a sound of happiness and celebration. When Cynthia asked me what it was that I heard, I could only describe it as the sound of Smurfs skipping along in the forest, hand in hand. It was carefree, innocent, youthful and filled with love. I felt joyshutterstock_189386465 between grains of sand.jpg.The celebration, the love. What an incredible feeling.





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