Who are you waiting for?


Bing Meditation paintingsWhen I was younger, in times of crisis, I would long for an answer, or look for someone who would give me the answers I was looking for.  I ended up becoming an English Literature major in my undergraduate years searching the novels and poems of others struggling to find meaning in life.  I looked to teachers, friends and in my relationships to delve into the deeper aspects of their minds:  do you know what we are here for?  Is there a God?  What are we doing here on earth?  I thought the answers lied outside of myself so I was on a quest for the answers.

It was only at the bottom of the rabbit hole that I saw the mirror!  It was myself in that mirror.  And I discovered that my mind did not have to search “out there.”  I didn’t even have to search in my head.  I discovered the deep still well that waits inside.  The insights and answers flowed from that deep stillness.  It was no struggle.  It was effortless.  I understood that all I had to do was surrender and ask for help.  

The flow was natural.  The gifts free.  You are the one you have been waiting for.  Embrace yourself in the stillness.  Experience the gratitude, and practice surrender.  You will discover, amazingly, that all of the answers are right inside of you.  Ask, let go, and patiently allow the path to be revealed, like the fog lifting from the river bank.

It lifts, and there you are!