My Dear Sister



thumb_IMG_2415_1024.jpgMy sister is gone. Candice was my best friend. Starting out my little sister, we shared life’s treasures and interests throughout our lives together. I rediscovered a gift she had left me on a previous birthday. It speaks to me, and I hope it speaks to you as well:

“Happy Birthday. Certainly a year to celebrate all kinds of growth! I hope you find some moments of relaxation and peace today. You try so hard to live well and fully – and I know it’s often a struggle.

I will be sending you joyous and celebrational energies your way all day, along with thoughts of a deeply felt peace that can be so elusive.

Be loving and generous and playful and forgiving with my sister today – appreciate all that she is.

My birthday wish for you is this – that you may sometimes feel the release and complete acceptance and love I felt in a dream I had when a beautiful human being/spirit put his hands on my shoulders and I knew I didn’t have to do anything, be anything, say anything.

In that moment I knew I was loved and accepted (and I knew I was OK) for all that I am and am not. I was whole as I existed at the moment, and being was enough – more than enough.

I love you,


I send this wish on to you, brothers and sisters,