Clearing the Path; Chapter Five

Here is Carla, brave Carla:

“I just finished my latest Reiki Fusion experience with Cynthia. As usual, I figured nothing would happen and I would just be laying there, feeling silly. Almost as soon as I arrived, we went to the table. I was finally ready to face myself, the experience and possibly the faceless figure that I saw the last time.
As soon as I laid down, I felt myself settling into the table. This was a good sign, because I was relaxed and hopefully ready for the experience. When I closed my eyes, I was still nervous, but Cynthia just asked me to tell her what I saw, so I did. I was seeing spots. Light spots on a dark background, popping like soda bubbles pop in a clear glass. I realized it was a visual of the bubbling creek sounds that were playing in the background, so I continued to settle in.

Soon I noticed a thick wooden plank in my back. It was old and dark and it was locked. When I told this to Cynthia, she moved her hand to the area I indicated and rested the other just below on my lower back. This was comforting, as she rocks her hands gently, or at least it feels like she does. So I started trying to explain this plank to her. It was just there. I didn’t want it to be and I was frustrated that it was. I feel like this is my lock that prevents me from feeling or reacting and keeps me detached from things. That makes me frustrated.

I explained that if I looked up at it, all I saw was the block of wood and if I looked down at it, it was the same wood with a big pad lock on it. She asked me if there were any walls. No walls. If I was under it, it was like looking up at the sky, only instead of blue, there was a thick old wooden plank. The scene underneath was grassy, with trees. It was darker out, like twilight, but no stars because of the plank.

Suddenly Little Me appeared on her hill, observing everything. She stood for a short bit with her hands on her hips just observing. Then she walked into the scene and kept looking up at the plank. She even grabbed a stick at one point and pushed it up into the plank. She learned that it was solid and very thick.

google mysterious hooded figure

Around this time, the faceless figure appeared. It was very small and in a dark corner. Little Me felt it or realized it was there, past where she started walking, so she turned around and ran back in the same direction, toward the figure. When she saw it, she stopped and watched. The figure started to float out of the corner. It moved like an apparition with a dark gown just floating over the ground. As it moved out of the corner, it slowly began to grow.

Once it was the size of an adult it stopped. Little me watched all this happening and did not know what to do or think. She wished she could just hug it out with the figure and make things ok, but she knew that was not the way to go. So she slowly started walking toward the figure. She was not angry or scared or overwhelmed as she was the last time. This time she was curious and brave. She knows deep down that confronting this character is the only way she can move past it.

The character also started moving towards her. As it got closer, suddenly the faceless area, which was round and white, began to protrude out of the hood. I can only really describe it as the whole face beginning to grow as Pinocchio’s nose would grow if he told a lie. I described it to Cynthia the best I could and kept saying it was weird, because it was. I couldn’t understand why it was happening. Then it stopped coming towards Little Me, and began getting wider and wider. I described it as if a spiral were growing bigger and bigger. It was still pure white, and it was suddenly bigger than the figure. The figure was no longer visible.

Little Me just stayed there and watched everything happening. The white, round spiral began to sparkle….

The second half of the session is soon to follow.


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