Carla continues to grow: Chapter Four

“I am much calmer now. My Doctor told me I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I realize I have had this most of my life. Since we did the Reiki Fusion session I feel calm in a new and different way. I have an almost universal faith that everything will go as it needs to go. My stress has dropped out of sight. I am amazed. I can just BE now in a way I couldn’t before. It feels so good to be able to relax. I can actually go to the movies with a friend and enjoy it without worrying about everything. I feel like I am in recovery and I am coming back home to myself. it’s like when I was 10 and I was just me: I rode my bike, I swam, I had fun. Later on at about age 13 I realized that my mother was never going to come back, I got angry and pulled inside myself. I held on to my feelings deep inside and when people pushed me around I couldn’t stand up for myself. I just held onto my anger deep inside.


I am more at ease in standing up for myself now too! I feel comfortable in my own skin again! It’s like a miracle. It all started with the work we did. I see in my mind’s eye the shadow of my mother. I say to her now, “Yea, I now you’re there. We will talk soon.”

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