Wake Up! (Important revelations included)

Are you dream walking?  Do you feel powerless, controlled by someone more powerful than you?  Do you want to wake up from this nightmare to the powerful person you really are?  Let me explain how I would like to approach this today:

Spiritual Awakening Eye Bing

As a result of my near death experience I knew that I was Spirit  embodied.  (Please see You Tube:  Near death experience, Soul Journey channel by Cynthia M Chase and Subscribe to share the word).  I was sent back because “it wasn’t my time.”  I came to understand that I was sent back to earth in order to learn, in order to give, and in order to evolve.  I was sent back to give birth to my beautiful daughter, to share growing and learning experiences with my family, friends, and the people who come to me for help in their growing process.

I was so slow to evolve, but at least I was gifted with the tools to do so.  I understood that my Spirit was the “intelligent energy source” which could have independent consciousness  (out-of-body or near death or ‘death’ experience) and when I was sent back to earth, that expanded consciousness was right here, deep and high inside of me!

Bing sunlight

Eventually, I came to understand the gift.  No matter how hard it gets on planet earth, I knew that I had the unlimited potential of my Spirit (or energy) Being (with help from other wise and ascended beings, if I just asked). My knowledge was based on experience – the felt experience of freedom, joy and love. The trick was to remember that I am that energy being, which is inside and surrounding my physical body, an eternal being that connects with all that is, and with the ability to create my world as I thought it!  I had entered into the “light” but it was sure difficult to remain the bright light being that I was “on the other side.”

So, why did I create such painful and demeaning relationships?  Why did I act as though others had power and I had none? Why did I think so small?  How was it that I became trapped in the projections of others onto me rather than the unlimited, beautiful and free me that I experienced on the other side?

The gem was inside of me.  For some time it was deeply buried in the dark.

blue crystal

With all the suffering, something drove me to keep striving.  One day, in the darkest of times, the pain was unbearable.  I couldn’t move with the weight of hopelessness.  Then, I heard my name called, CYNTHIA.  It was a deep male voice that called out with a combination of authority and love.  It was as though I woke from a deep sleep to realization.


In a separate time of doubt and entanglement I had another, what you might call,  spiritual experience.  I woke, startled with someone shaking me, WAKE UP!  No one was there.  I knew it was yet another reminder for me to wake up to my own potential, to remember the multi-dimensional being that I am (that we all are).

Bing Light Crystaline Bodies

Let me come back to you now.  I am here, I was sent back as a way of bringing to you a remembrance of the light, love and potential that is YOU.  I am here to remind you of the power that you have within you to experience your own fulfillment and purpose here on earth.






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