Why is it so hard to let go?

Bing honeybunny-queenbee.blogspot.comYou know you have been disrespected.  You know what happened is not right.  You know that you “should” just walk on, so why is it so hard to let go?

The longer you hang on (in person or in your head)  the more the fabric of your self is shredded and bloody.  You know that.  You know you were used.  You know you were toyed with, at the same time as you poured the dreams into a vessel with a hole at the bottom.  You knew, but continued.  It is as though you created a false reality using hope and dream as the measure of a life.  What came back didn’t hold any relation to what you had hoped to create.  It is the dark shadow of your hopes.

So, how do you view  yourself in the insanity of false creation? Good money after bad, so what does that make you?  What does that make that part of your life?  If you are so used and disrespected, do you see yourself as pathetic and weak?  Does that self-hate promote the hanging on?  Do you beg in self-loathing?  Does this mean that you are not worth much?

How can you view that loss, that time spent in false hope?

How can your turn this pain into valuable lesson?  How can you hold on to the Greater You that replaces the Lost Self?


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