Your Most Important Relationship

Yes, the most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself.  You are there from the moment of your birth to the moment of your death.  You have the opportunity to be intimate with you, to love you, to be your own best friend, to care for you and to listen to your thoughts, feelings and dreams.  You have dynamic assertive, masculine urges, and also nurturing, soft, feminine and opening parts of you – whether you are physically male or female.  This Yin – Yang symbol reflects the need for balance of the masculine – feminine parts of ourselves.

If you take your Self seriously, it will be transformational.  You will never be alone; you will watch over and protect yourself from negative or toxic influences.  You will create a safe environment in which to live and grow.  You will draw to you positive and nurturing people who honor and respect you:  you  respect yourself and like a magnet, you will draw to you people who see you for who you really are and accept you unconditionally.  It is as though you create a mirror so that others reflect how you feel about yourself.

The secret here is that we unconsciously create the world in which we inhabit.  If you find yourself in damaging or toxic relationships try to look deep inside.  See what negative attitudes or self hate you have.  Listen to the running monologue in your mind.  If it is negative or abusive inside,  know that these are the subtle “vibes” that draw to you what you really believe about yourself.

Change your thoughts, change your life:  if you write down all the negative thoughts you have you will create a distance between the real you (your core, essential self) and the self-hater.  Then you can replace the outmoded abuser with the enlightened lover.  You are your own beloved.  Know it.  It will transform you.

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