You Can Balance your Head and Heart

Colorful Inner Paint

Every choice we makes creates the fabric of our lives:  it is how we create our very reality.  You often hear “follow your heart” as advice when it comes to personal relationships.  While that may be good advice if your heart is clear, if it has been twisted by betrayal and hurt, it can lead in the wrong direction.  Check out your motivation:  is it fear or love based.  For example, do you stay in a destructive relationship because you love the person who is abusing you, or are you afraid to leave, afraid of what he/she will do to you, or because you are afraid of the unknown.  Do you stay “with the devil you know” rather than the devil you don’t know.  You assume, with this thinking, that all men/women are the same, so what is the point?  This reveals that you believe without a doubt that your reality will include hurt, pain and betrayal.  You will get what you expect – no doubt about it.

Key:  discover if you are making your decision out of fear, or are you truly making a choice based on love.  If you know “in your head” the status quo is unacceptable, your intellect and cognition counters your fear-based heart direction.  On a deeper level your heart speaks:  take care of me,  love me, honor me.

When you listen to the deep truths of both your head and heart you can discover the underlying unified and balanced truth that can be the basis of a new direction.  Which decisions are in accordance with your true values?  Which are irrational and based on fluid emotions?  Ask yourself, does my decision honor all parts of myself?

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