Creating a Crystal Grid for release of negativity and an opening to Authentic Empowerment



Do you wonder what you can do for yourself in order to move beyond the limitations of your dysfunctional relationship with yourself and your significant other?  Do you feel blocked and want to move beyond  self-limiting beliefs that keep you in an abusive or limiting relationship?  Energy blockages in your body can keep you down and stuck.

Everything is energy!  Thoughts, feelings, memories, pain, heartbreak, everything is held in (and around) the body and if it is not allowed to flow, we end up like a frozen river.

Did you ever walk into a store that sells crystals – like the Amethyst above?  If you get close you will be able to feel a cleansing and uplifting vibration coming from it:  your heavy self will feel lighter, suddenly no more headache, and your spirit is lightened. Each crystal has its own particular vibration and it vibrates right into your own personal field.  That is why crystals are called crystal allies.  They can be our allies in helping move us to higher spiritual levels, freeing us up to feel empowered.

Here is how I created a crystal grid that will be used in healing by the person on a daily basis, in their own home.  It is like having a Reiki Master or Energy Healer with you any day, any time:


I used a pendulum for accessing higher truths about which crystals are right for a particular person.  I am guided each step of the way in choosing an agate slice and the smaller crystals that will be affixed to it.


I place the crystal grid on a bed of roses to infuse the energies of love into the crystals.  Crystals can be programmed just a computer!


I then used a very powerful Appopholite crystal to channel in spiritual light and a very high vibrational energy:  the energy of spiritual awakening, healing and the release of stress.


The next step is to move in deep meditation, thinking with focus on the issues that the recipient faces, and then channeling in particular intentions of healing.  I hold the crystal grid, allowing for the highest form of healing energy to flow through my body, from the feet, up to the heart, into my arms then hands.  At the same time I allow for spiritual energies to flow from above down through my spiritual center (crown chakra), down into my heart, through my arms and then out through my hands.  These energies infuse and charge the grid with great healing power.  All of this is done with the ultimate respect and love.


Lastly, I write up an extensive meditation for the person, explaining what the crystals represent, and the particular energies that they will receive when they use the grid.

Here is the finished work:  Magic


Here is a peaceful place of beauty on the Hudson River where I sat in meditation, channeling the earth, water and sky energies into the grid:


You may feel you want to try to create a crystal grid yourself.  This is possible.  It is helpful if you have been attuned Reiki I, II or III, or trained in some other form of energy healing.  Or you may have a natural opening in your hands that allows for powerful energies to flow through you.  Sometimes it is more effective to have someone create one for you.  If you are so inspired, I am available to you for a consultation. (Please go to to contact me for a consultation.)

I honor you, Namaste,




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