Are you in danger of becoming like your abuser?

If you stay long enough under the yoke of the abuser, you are at risk of conversion. How long can you take the manipulations, unjust attacks, torture before you turn to darkness yourself?


Your goodness, hope and charitable nature can turn to rage, hatred and the desire for revenge. Do you build up this fire of anger against the injustice? Do you find your body too small to contain the fire within? Are your thoughts turning more and more to violence? Can you find no peace, not even in sleep? Are you being overtaken with a dark urge to retaliate? Do you feel like a bomb ready to blow?


Do you find the abuser working relentlessly to trigger you? Do you feel like a trapped animal?


Consider the assumptions that make you stay. What holds you in the dark embrace? What hope do you still have, after all this time and pain, which fuels the suffering of daily betrayal?


Do you find yourself turning into your abuser, turning dark, bitter and explosive?

Fearless Eyes




Can you say, “I am done. I have choices. I’ve had enough. This is not acceptable. I won’t live like this another minute. I pull the plug on my emotional connection with you. I take my power back and say yes to myself.”

volo spirituale












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  1. Is it possible to say yes to one’s self but underneath still love the abuser? Or can it just be a comfort zone for the victim ? Is it at all possible for the victim to explode once with fury and rage and not allow herself to go back to that dark place?


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