I Am River

I am River

 I am the river that flows both ways

 I flow unobstructed; freely

 I embrace the freedom of my flow

 My shores overflow and nourish all that I touch


Untested, the storms come

 Wind and storm wreck havoc

 My tide overflows; trees fall, rocks obstruct

 Earthquake and winds move the earth and rocks

 They block my path

 I freeze and hold form, afraid to move

 I stay in endless frozen form

 I thaw slowly then rush in decent

 I contort, I twist, I turn, I fall


I burst forth down a hundred miles, falling over myself

 I fall in a new definition of myself

 I fear I end, but I change

 I am river

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Meditation on Safety


  • I choose to be safe


  • I choose who will be in my life


  • I can say yes, and I can say no


  • I have a right to physical and emotional safety


  • I choose to set boundaries that keep me safe


  • I choose to empower myself


  • I choose to see the truth of my relationships


  • These truths allow me to choose what is right for me


  • This is my journey


  • This is my life


  • I choose to be safe


  • I embrace myself


  • I choose Me