A Meditation on Reality

You see how I have guided you to an open meditation, leaving yourself available to see what emerges.  How is it going for you?

Today, I invite you to a more specific meditation.  Here goes:

Sit in your meditation position.

portrait of meditating yogi

Part One:  Your feet on the floor, hands resting comfortably in your lap.  Close your eyes.  Allow yourself to focus on the person in your life that is disturbing to you, the one that your feel may have betrayed you, the one that manipulates or abuses you.

Look at their face.  Use your imagination to see the details of their face, their expression, their mouth, eyes.  This takes courage.  Remember the words they have spoken to you.  Remember their behaviors toward you.  Go over in detail what they have done and said to you.

Leave behind the rationalizations for their words or behavior.  Just look, like a movie.  Witness from a distance.  Take off your rose-colored glasses and see clearly what is in front of you.  Look carefully at their words, how the mouth sets, the position of the body, the body language, the actions.

Pause, then press forward, slowly.  Look with open eyes.  Allow the clouds to part.

You may feel fear at what you see:

a green snake head in the hole

You can deny your truth and be at the mercy of it, or see it.  Once seen hold still bravely.  Keep looking at the cold truth.  Hold your focus.

Part Two:  Now turn to look at yourself.  Notice how you feel as you “see” the other.  Notice in which part of your body your emotional reactions lie.  There may be layers of truth and layers of emotion surfacing. Do not run:  feel the emotions.  Emotions are your inner friends guiding you on your path.   Now use your mind and imagination to look at your own face, the words you have spoken, the behaviors which you have lived in relation to the other.

See clearly.  Sit with the experience even though it may be uncomfortable.

Part Three:  Now leave the door open to inspiration.  Now that you have seen layers of “truths” in the other and in yourself, allow discovery of the path which leads to your highest good.  Leave space for a message to bubble up from deep within you – a message from you to you.  Allow it to be  a message of hope and salvation.

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  1. Jen

     /  March 6, 2014

    This is such a powerful exercise that it definetly takes a lot of courage. It also takes the will of wanting to see the truth.


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