Spiritual Healing: A practical Approach

We are a polarity of being.

Our left-brain leaves us lost in endless thoughts, conflicts, planning, chatter, arguing, cognitive processing, deducing and judging.  We need this part of us, but it can take over leaving us exhausted – not seeing the forest for the trees.

Our right-brain is the intuitive part of us, filled with inspiration, creativity and perspective.  This part of you accesses the quiet inner space that is just you, knowing.  It is the part of you who remembers who you were before you were taken over (Yes, I speak to you, victim on the way to survivor.) We need both aspects in balance:  that is what the Yin and Yang is about.

 left and right brain symbol,creativity sign,business symbol,know

Abusers tend to get caught up in their own beliefs, promoting tricky manipulative techniques, twisting and turning– loosing contact with layers of truth that do not fit into the mind view and ego demands of the abuser.  Can you allow truths beyond your ego?  Can you release with humility the rigid, controlling world-view?  If not, you are lost.  You are not only lost to your “victim” but to yourself as well.

Victims can get equally caught up in the world of assumptions, projections, distortions of the abuser – and eventually can develop an overwhelming inner rant of defense, anger and retort to the false accusations and projections.  If the poison is taken in it turns to toxic self-hate.

It can get so intense inside that there is no room for perspective or a larger world view.  There is no room to listen to that small inner voice since it is overwhelmed by the bully voice and the argument with the bully.

How do you find your Lost Self?

 Labyrinthe Amiens

The solution lies hidden, embedded in the problem:  if you quiet the raging argument, defense or self hate, can you then hear your true Self speaking?

At times you may wonder:  Do I have the Ability to Change?

What does it take to change?  This is not easy, but it is possible with work.  It takes systematic introspection, self-scrutiny and courage!  True creative freedom and personal liberty are the goals.  By moving deep within yourself and loosening the hold that the abuser has on your mind you are able to discover your own truths.

Our emotions are so powerful.  They can hijack our brains and minds.  Dr. Candice Pert is one of the leading researchers of the physiological nature of emotion.  In her book “Molecules of emotion:  Why you feel the way you feel” she provides the scientific basis for the physiology of emotion and why it is diffused throughout your whole body.  I won’t get too complicated here, but the bottom line that she comes to is that each cell talks to the body as a whole through chemical language.  It is now understood that every cell in our body “remembers” and that these memories are stored throughout the body.  The whole body remembers past feelings.

When we are traumatized in our relationship the body remembers.  As soon as a word or phrase is repeated, neuronal circuits are activated.  It generates a total body response bringing about a full range of physical and emotional responses.  Our body as a whole responds unconsciously to  these triggers.

Through meditation, Reiki, mindfulness, biofeedback and other stress reducing techniques you can actually enhance your capacity to change.  You are the one who needs to change:  you are the only one you can change.  By accessing the quiet, deep you, you find the You that has been missing.

The way we choose to interpret the moment (the mind) sets in motion a set of feelings/emotions, which may result in damage to the body, or its repair and well-being.  You have a choice.

I show you this Mandala.  This is you with the light at the center:

 Snowflake with gradient. Vector art

You are beautiful.  By taking this time for yourself you can find your true center, your core, the light within you and find your wisdom.

I will share simple techniques to help you do this.  Coming soon.

I say Namaste to you – sending blessings your way,



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  1. Sandy G.

     /  February 8, 2014

    Cynthia, In your blog entitled “Spiritual Healing” I was reminded of a dynamic that I witness in myself and others when it comes to being wounded by the “other.” I often reflect on how the Victim, re-victimizes itself with distortions of blame and shame. Emotions are powerful, and can become tangled within, and express as self deprecating thoughts. Your healing work is immensely important in helping us release the tangled twist of emotions our wounded self can create.

    • Thank you Sandy. Yes, this is a major complication. It is as though once burned, the victim re-ignites the flame and the damage continues even in the absence of the abuser. How to cool the fire? How to heal? The key is in your word, release. One approach: if everything is energy, then the energy of blame and shame can be released with energy healing, as in Reiki, Reiki Fusion. It is a gentle and direct way of allowing what was stuck to flow through you – letting in other feelings, emotions and thoughts that are loving and accepting. It is blessed work.

  2. Lilia Urias

     /  February 12, 2014

    The question that I always have because I have so many beautiful amazing clients that are victims of abuse and I’ve felt at an intuitive level and through my own experiences that there is a deep sense of knowing and recognition of being in this cycle but emotionally no matter how much all of what is presented makes sense, no matter how much you know that the solution is empowering yourself; that there is this inert inability to move in any direction; so how does that initial spark of initiation get inspired? I often times see that it is really not until change is forced on the person.

    • Here is a thought, Lilia: it may be an evolution, not a revolution. While remaining in the situation of abuse, as the truth is seen more clearly and the tricks of the trade are identified, a gentle, slow movement toward consciousness can emerge in the “victim.” Knowledge in the identified victim takes away the power of the abuser over time. One of the overpowering reasons why I write this blog is the hope that others under the “yoke” will see through the apparent power of their abuser and recognize their own true strength. The abuser needs us to validate their charade of power. If we don’t validate their false claims the hot air balloon shrinks.

      Change occurs according to the victim’s timetable – not ours. That is the greatest challenge of the therapist or friend trying to help one abused. Our job is to say what we see and lovingly, patiently hold the space for them. The chick cracks out of the shell in its own time. I know that’s how it worked for me.

  3. Thank you


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