Rejoice in the mystery: my walk with magic

Rejoice in the mystery:  my walk with magic

As a child I was fascinated by the fact that I could feel energy in my hands and the hands of others. What is this feeling? If I held my hand a few inches away from another hand there was something like electricity that passed between us! Laying under the stars on a warm summer night I began to understand that there are unseen forces that connect us.

And then there was the time, on a path deep in the woods I found a “midden” in the clearing. I saw beautiful glints of broken glass the color of rubies, cobalt blue and forest green. I just knew that if I crushed the glass together in the right combination I would find immortality.  I believed it so strongly and somehow I knew that I was not alone in this search for eternal life.

In high school I heard about this mysterious “trick”.  One person was lying on the floor of the locker room.  Six of us knelt down beside her and put two finders of each hand underneath her.  Over and over we repeated the phrase:  “You are as light as a feather.”  When I felt we were all truly believing, we all lifted her up and she was, indeed, as light as a feather!  This helped me to understand that the power of the mind was immense – especially in community.

The birth of my daughter allowed me to experience the miracle of life.  I have never experienced such intensity of joy as to give birth to new life.  She helped me to understand what Love is.

On the other side, in the presence of death – I was witness to my father’s soul passing from his body back to the infinite.  An honor both to witness new life, and life returning to source.

Life is indeed “the magical mystery tour”.  If awake and conscious we can see the miracles inherent in every day life.